Q?Why Us

The answer is relatively simple.

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • Personal Relationships


Q?What is the difference in 3G Advertising

We dont like to sell ourselves, we like YOU to judge where we are different. You may tour on our website, you may read the testimonials and you can call to find out yourself!

Q?Where we can help

We have a large variety of services that do cover almost every need of a company these days.

You can view by clicking here . If you find something tha best suits your needs you can click here to send us a message.

Q?Do you offer complete solution

Yes we do offer a complete solution to our clients.

We can start from scratch, meaning from the design and conept of a logo, to proceed with the designing of the whole stationary, as well as the website and social media, to signs and even create the business and marketing plan of the company.

We like to keep a long mutual beneficial relationship with our clients

Q?Do you offer services other than your location

Yes we do. Our offices located in Limassol, but that doesnt prevent us from offering services to the whole island.

We do have customers from all over Cyprus and we can schedual an appointment with you where ever you are!

Q?Do you offer E-Mail & SMS Services

Yes we do offer Email and SMS campaigns, but we do prefer stricly to work with your customers, otherwise it would be considered spamming.

What do we mean by that? You can give us your database, either mobile numbers, or Email addresses and we will import it in our CMS software and offer you the e-marketing campaign you requested.

In case you haven’t retrieve all those years any of the aforementioned valuable information, we can help you start doing so!