• Outdoor Advertising

                An effective way of advertising is the outdoor. The viewable area of the advertising is increasing...
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  • Social Media

              Social Media Planing at these days is maybe the most crucial and effective method of building awareness...
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  • Marketing

              A department in our company is dealing exclusively with all kind of marketing activities and services. We...
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  • Web Design

              A website is your window or door to the world. They can open your door and come...
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  • Printing

              We are offering Printing services in almost everything.   - Stationary - Business Cards - Catalogues -...
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  • Graphic Design

              Graphic design is the initial step in any marketing campaign. The careful and concept design may lead...
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Common features

  • Simple layout
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Centered orientation
  • Design the content, not the page
  • 3D effects, used sparingly
  • Soft, neutral background colours
  • Strong colour, used sparingly
  • Cute icons, used smartly
  • Plenty of whitespace
  • Nice big text
  • Rich informative text
  • Minimalistic
  • User Friendly

Key Options & Features:

Strategic Website Plan – A careful study regarding the customer needs and target market in order to build a useful and powerful website that will attract more customers.

Custom Web Design – A design that is tailor made according to customer’s needs and only serve the company that is built for.

Web-Based CMS Database – A multifunctional website that withdraw information from its database and usually used for e-commerce and directories.

Advertiser / Resource Directory – A directory that an advertising is placed in order to target and attract customers based on a pre-set fields. 

Social Media Links – Links that are placed for an ad, a post, a website or a design in order to attract customers. Usually places in one or many social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked in, Google etc.

E-mail Newsletters – Every company needs a database of it’s customers emails in order to send them information they might find useful regarding its products or services and to promote them in an affordable way via email.

RSS Content Syndication – RSS feeds are becoming more and more effective. RSS stands for Rich Sites Summary and by the initials it is clear that someone can read the titles of news or post of a site instead of searching in it and according to interest to read the article. Subscribers to different sites can have all their news in one place.

Publication Blog – A blog is becoming popular day by day. It is the section of a website that they administrator can post articles relevant to the website purpose in order to inform the Internet world regarding the theme described. The blog can be very useful to be shared in the various social media platforms.